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German Commercial Award 2020 - Best Student Film

Young Director Award 2020 - 1 x gold student I  1 x silver online branded

New York Advertising Awards - Gold Cinematography

Director: Alexander Kuehn

Director of Photography: Adrian Kuchenreuther

Producer: Simona Weber, Marco Henn, Stefanie Goedicke

Production design: Raina Todoroff

Editor: Raquel Caro Nuñez

Grading: Marina Starke

Sounddesign: Sirius Kestel

Music Composer: Alexander Wolf

David Singer: Vitali Ehret

Cast: Josh as a child - Tylan Bayram

Jacob as a child - Deacon Urwin

Josh as a teen - Harvey Almond

Jacob as a teen - Regan Walker

Josh as a grownup - Matthew Carter

Jacob as a grownup - Paul Walker Mallory -

Estrella Alonso


SPECIAL THANKS TO Rabbicorn Films GmbH, Friends & Fellows Media GmbH, Madamfilms


THANKS TO Filmlocations.UK, Cooke, Company3, KAPPA, Jugendstiftung Baden-Württemberg

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